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Ryuijie Douglas

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Ryuijie's photographic style has become consistently more simple and more specific in both subject choice and treatment. He explores the world as an art form, selectively emphasizing the long, middle view, or close-up.

For each perspective, subject treatment is appropriate. From the long view, subject matter is mostly representative; at middle distance, his images tend toward abstraction and at close-up, details become largely design, emphasizing surface and pattern.

Behind his development as a serious photographer is his ability to simplify photographic choices in the field - to pare down any extraneous "framing" and whenever possible to include a surprise, a nuance of tone or treatment that underlines the important and suppresses the less important.

For Ryuijie, "knowing" what is important and what is not is the culmination of his life's work - an exercise in carefully cultivated intuition and a sensitive "openness" to the natural hierarchy of aesthetics and meaning. His work is widely collected and is exhibited at many galleries, particularily on the West Coast.