moritz gallery

The Moritz Gallery’s prints are, with exceptions, for sale. Since I don’t know you and you don’t know me, and you should not buy a picture that you have not seen and inspected, the process is a little more complicated than just walking into a gallery and purchasing.

The reproductions shown on these web pages are meant to be indicative of the photograph’s content mostly for identification purposes. These reproductions are of intentionally inferior quality to discourage those few among us who prefer to ignore copyrights and attempt to make a print from these files. The actual photographs are much better than anything that can be transmitted over the Internet.

You must be satisfied with any photograph you purchase from the Moritz Gallery or you may return it undamaged within 30 days in the original packing for a full refund of purchase price.

If you are interested in acquiring any photographs from the gallery, just click on the button below each large picture in the gallery. You can also contact me through the form below.

Thank you, Donald B. Moritz




COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All photographs shown herein are copyrighted by the respective artist.